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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/Wheel Vibrations:

Wheel Vibration is another endless unresolved thread. Causes of Vibration problems and Algorithm as I see it:

  1. Unable to balance wheel, tire, runflat, assembly on dynamic balance machine.--
    1. Runflat has slipped to heaviest part of wheel.--Fix-- rotate tire-not runflat 180 degrees on rim.
    2. Runflat or 2 piece beadlock/runflat slip on wheel. Fix- switch to beadlock only or 1 piece runflat/beadlock.
    3. Tube shield assembly throwing off balance. Fix-balance assembly (CTIS stem and tube shield) taped to in place to wheel shaft.
    4. Wheel with lateral or radial runout. Fix-replace.
    5. Tire with Lateral or radial runout. Fix-true radial runout.
    6. Runflat grease packs or other debris moving around inside tire.
    7. Tire delamination. Fix-replace

  2. Suspension Geometry problem.
    1. Loose ball joints, steering, pitman, tie rod ends, steering box play.
    2. Bent center link.
    3. Bent or loose frame rails.
    4. Broken or uneven spring height.
    5. Loose shock tower or worn shock.
    6. Play in Hub spindle.
    7. Loose A-frame bushings or shim bolts.

  3. Driveline problems masquerading as above.
    1. Halfshaft, rotor imbalance.
    2. Driveshafts imbalance.
    3. Constant velocity joints --Universal joints worn.
    4. Any input or output bearing play.

  4. Body problems masquerading as above.
    1. Check body bushings.
    2. Check hood, brushguard, door hinges for excessive play.

Nice section here Mike D.

Another factor that may cause this result for me was the fact that my wheels were all trued (cut perfectly round). I have a very good truck tire center here in Pensacola, who does all the Guard tirinstallation etc. They have a great method of balancing wheels with CTIS.

Another important factor, is to make sure you have the CORRECT type and quantity (flat and lockwashers) washers that fasten the CTIS cover plate to your wheel. The CTIS cover's center of balance is actually .5 in. away from the center of the wheel (really, next time you have your plate off, balance it with a flat screwdriver and see), so it is important to have all the correct hardware on the wheel to ensure that plate is somewhat center balanced. My truck is in great balance at all speeds without the balancers, I returned the centramatics and got my money back.

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