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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/Swampers/Balancing:

>    I just finished mounting a set of super swamper 38X15.5X16.5 radials.  My
> tire man balanced them and wound up adding what seems like a ridicouous
> amount of weight.  The outside of one tire has over 20 oz. of lead, while the
> inside had another 10 ounces.....
>        Vincent Loccisano

I just bought another set of 38x14.5x16.5 radial swamper sx's and I noticed that this is the first set I have ever bought that had a small sticker on the side wall that said 'pre-balanced' Anyways, on the inside of the tire there were patches of weights I would assume to get the tire balanced better from the factory. I have had many sets of swampers but this is the first set that I have noticed these weights (they may have been there before but I have never noticed).


If you are trying to balance the bias ply swampers, beware that they flat spot when cold. The best technique is to drive them for a few days first to break them in. Then make sure they are warm (drive for 30 min) before hitting the shop. Then pull them and balance while still warm.

The nylon bodies take a set when cold and are out of round. They will always be rough after sitting for a while. You don't want to balance them this way of course. Polyester bodied bias plies are better for this reason.


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