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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/Super Swampers/Compared to GSAs and MTs:

I recently received a used 42 x 15 -16.5 swamper, care of Mark Doucette, who was kind enough to send it to me. The purpose was to see how much modification it would take to make it fit. I have a sum total of 1, and was able to drive around the block.

Some observations: It is a huge tire with a maximum tire pressure of 30 psi. Even at 20 psi it is hard to compress and will withstand the weight of the hummer unaltered in shape. The sidewall of this tire is not terribly rigid as I suspected. The shipping weight was 98 lbs and not significantly different as compared to a 37 MT. The diameter is about 7 inches taller compared to the MT. The rolling resistance is surprisingly different. Mounted on a wheel, the tire rolls much easier than an MT or GSA.

I did place it on the left front hub--and it fits much better than I expected. The only hitting point was the center bolt securing the rocker panel to the firewall. It did NOT hit the sway bar or anything else. It did take out my CB external speaker that was mounted there, but thats the price one pays for R & D.

My vehicle is a 95 gas wagon with 12 k winch, guards brush and windshield, 1-inch spacer lift and snow plow springs. I have not had it under compression yet to see how much wheel travel to hood clearance there is. Could really pop the hood off if there is much travel. Statically and turing lock to lock there is no other hitting. I have my turning locks set at about 35 degrees. Would really like to get a cheap military hood for a test ride off road, if anyone knows of one. Another option is to just put larger Hood spacers to lets say 2 inches. I think a 2 in spacer body lift kit would be perfect of these tires.

The vehicle takes on a flotation, balloon-like feel, going over bumps is even smoother. It looks really neat.

Need to think about Low lock 4:1 gearing now.

I will see how the clearance is on the left rear--if it hits the exhaust??

I just put the 42 on left rear on a 95 lifted gas wagon. The tire touches the rear part of the descending exhaust pipe. There is no space for bound. Therefore this tire cannot be used on the rear left without exhaust mod or a side pipe assembly.

Interestingly, I did try to move in reverse with one 37 and one 42 on the rears and got a slight grinding noise. I guess the torque biasing came into play here.

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