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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tire Rotation (Radials, General):

Always cross rotate:

  • LF to RR
  • RF to LR
  • LR to LF
  • RR to RF
(fronts move back, to opposite sides, rears move front keeping same side).


Do you guys work the spare into the rotation?

If you use the correct rotation pattern for radials that Peter detailed above, then you just need to switch the spare for one of the wheels each time you rotate. However, you should always switch it after the main rotation, and it should always be switched for the same wheel (I always use the right rear).

With that cross rotation pattern, each wheel spends time in every possible position, wear will be similar for each tire, and you won't have a spare that's significantly different in diameter to the others (important with ABS and LS and locking diffs).

I think AMG recommends at least every 6K miles, but you won't hurt anything by doing it sooner. I always do mine every 3K miles when I change the oil (makes it easy to remember). The important thing is to try and stick to the same intervals when possible.


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