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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Re-seating Deflated Tires:

With Hurricane Frances bearing down, I made a fast dash back to my home from an extended vacation only to find the slow leak in my CTIS had let ALL of the air out of my tires. I can't get the tire bead to re-seat. I don't know how long they were flat. I have a cargo strap and a compressor @100psi, but the tires won't re-seat. I wanna have the Hummer to go out in case the storm gets worse, any ideas before I lose power?

Put a floor jack under the lower control arm for one wheel. Jack it up enough that the tire sits on the rim pretty normal. Set the CTIS to that axle and disconnect the wheel on the other side of the truck. My CTIS has let the air out of my tires many times and I have found that this will reseat and re-inflate 99% of the time.


Here is the best solution. Go to NAPA or an Advanced auto parts store & ask for a bucket of tire slime. It is a thick fiberous soap that you apply with your hands to both sides of the tire bead filling in the gap between the wheel & tire. Add air & it will pump right up. I have been doing this for years with great results, since it's soap you can re-use it & whatever is left on the tire you can hose off.

Scott D.

NAPA calls it tire lubricant. I recently bought a gallon for $12.

Red '03 HMCO

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