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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/Runflats/Primate Removal Method:

PRRM (Primate Runflat Removal Method)

  1. Visit your local Zoo and proceed directly to the primate cage. Carefully study the technique of that big guy in the back jumping on the tire swing... (starting to get the idea?)
  2. Return to your garage. ENSURE no one in the area has any video recording devices.
  3. Yank the bead lock out of the tire (this shouldn't be too difficult).
  4. Liberally apply WD40 to the inside of the tire bead and the outer surface of the runflat (any place you anticipate tire to runflat contact).
  5. Attach the 12' chain to a solid point above (I used a 2x6 layed across the rafters to distribute the weight).
  6. Route the chain's other end through the runflat (still inside the tire) and draw up the slack such that the entire tire is pulled up off the floor about a foot. Then attach the chain to the runflat somewhat tightly and at a single point (I attached the chain to itself with a threaded splicing link). If the tire is too high it will spin around alot, so play with the height to find the optimal height.
  7. Visualize the big primate and start making Tim Allen sounds. Reach up high on the chain with both hands and quickly pull yourself up and let you feet down on the tire (one on each side). Trying to balance yourself (You should be wearing your cup at this point, and scanning for National Enquirer photographers, or Eddie Runner, with his digital camera). After you spin around and slip off several times you'll get the idea (if you have difficulty "become one with the ape"... feel your roots).
  8. Using a sort of lunging/jumping action pull your weight up on the chain and lunge down on the tire. Shortly you'll pop the chain end of the run-flat out of the tire. Another few jumps and you'll have more than half of the runflat out of the tire at which point you can just pull it the rest of the way out.

I had all four runflats out in about 15-20 minutes and I only weigh 165lbs, your mileage may vary...

Keri & Lucy (94 open-top diesel)

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