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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/Replacing Tires on Newer One-Piece Rims:

>   There must be someone on the list who has replaced tires on a '96 with the 
>"new" type one-piece rims.  Anyone know what tool is required, if any?  All 
>references I've been able to find say the one-piece rims make it easy to 
>replace the tires.

Bob, I have installed the late type rims with beadlocks on my truck. No special tool is required. The outer bead of the tire needs to be broken loose from the rim, usually with a tire hammer that a truck tire shop will have. Then the bead will need to be compressed down and pried away at the point on the rim directly opposite (180 deg) from the valve stem to expose the clamping bolt, nut and washer. After removing the bolt, the inner bead of the tire can be broken loose and the outer bead can be pulled from the wheel. The beadlock is a hard plastic ring and kind of a wrestling match to get out, but you need to get hold of one end of it and corkscrew it out of the tire/wheel. After it is out, the tire can be removed the rest of the way off the wheel.

Installation is basically the reverse order, but the tire must be seated on the rim with air pressure first and then the outside bead must be broken down again in order to install the beadlock. Tighten the clamping bolt down, but don't overtighten. The ends of the beadlock should not touch each other. There is a notch in the beadlock for the valve stem also. There is a service bulletin out for this procedure and if you can get ahold of a copy, the instructions may be a little more clear. >p> DaveXLC2

In answer to your problem with the one piece wheel beadlock. If the mechanic were to mount the tire normally, seat both beads on the rim then deflate and remove only the outer bead, he can then roll the beadlock in and tighten the bolt. Note the location of the notch in the beadlock. This notch goes by the valve stem to assist balancing the tire. Reseat the bead and balance normally.

Hope this helps, Doug Hamlin, Technical Support Representative.

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