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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/MTs/Rotating:

> From William Cole
> Time/Date 02:25 PM 09/22/97.
> Michael Selig wrote:
>>I think the MTs have one  direction of rotation, due to the chevron(?).
> In fact only the GSA is unidirectional and must be mounted as such.  The
> MT's can have chevrons facing forward or backward.  Anyone know why they
> mount them facing forward on one side and backward on the other side?  I
> read somewhere that it's to confuse the enemy if they see tire tracks facing
> two different directions.  Are our ememies really that stupid??
> Bill Cole
> 95 tan diesel wagon

All of the MTs are mounted the same way at the factory. That is why the chevrons go one way on one side, and the other on the other side.

The Owner's manual states that the MT's are not directional, but the Goodyear people that I have talked to said that there is a slight preference in one direction.

If there was a major difference, the owner would have to decide whether the truck should have better traction going forward or backward. A tough choice indeed. (Maybe the factory method of each side being different is so that the HMMWV goes in circles well... or maybe not... [bg])

The reason for mounting the GSA's a certain way is to provide better noise and cornering characteristics. The traction is not significantly different AFAIK.

BTW,if someone wants to know what directin a vehicle is going, it is very easy to tell. First, all road debris (splattering, soil thrown by tire tread, etc.) tends to be thrown in the direction of travel. Second, turns that are not a constant radius leave a tell-tail by observing where the rear tire tracks are in relation to where the front tires were turned in a different direction.

Dave Breggin
'95 Diesel Wagon

Warning: If you mount your MTs directionally, you won't be able to cross-rotate them (LF to RR, RF to LR), but can only rotate them front to back. For this reason I'm retutning to non-directional mounting with my next set.

Why not?? If mounted directionally (all chevrons facing one way on both sides) and you cross rotate, they remain uni-directional but the chevrons will just face the opposite way.

Bill Cole
95 tan diesel wagon

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