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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Spacers in CTIS Hubs:

There are 3 spacers (not counting the washer under the spindle nut) in a CTIS hub. There may be variances in spacer design from different years due to a change in the spindle spline design, but the locations should be the same. The 3 spacers all have very different inside diameters, and I'll refer to them that way.

Here is the correct order and orientation, from the outside of the hub to the inside:

  • Spindle Flange
  • Outside bearing
  • Medium spacer (large flat side should be toward the gear, but depending on the design may work either way)
  • Gear
  • Small Spacer (large flat side toward the gear)
  • Inside bearing
  • Spindle washer
  • Spindle Nut

Now, the largest ID spacer is the one that tends to mess people up if they are changing out bearings and races. (I didn't take this one out but it is slightly larger than 2 3/8" ID) This one goes underneath the bearing race for the inside bearing, chamfered side toward the wheel, and spaces it out into the steering arm cover by about the same amount as the play that you describe. If you put the race in without this spacer under it that would account for your play. The various diagrams are as clear as mud about where this spacer goes and the descriptions in the service manuals are no help at all.

(As far as I know this spacer is only used in hubs made for CTIS

Scot S.
Steering & Axle Express

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