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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/CTIS/Lines:

I don't know if it is necessary to change the hoses for the CTIS. Find out where the leak is first. Fittings leak no matter if the lines are steel or not. One thing better about the steel is that the front fittings to the hub are better. Of course they are also more resistant to damage. However, has anybody snagged a CTIS inner line? Bad enough that you had to replace the tube? I have not heard of anybody yet.

Stinger sells braided steel lines for the front and rear. It replaces the lines from the hubs to the dist. block on each axle. The front hoses are a real pain, just take your time. The clamps above the diff are hard to get off but much harder to get back on :). You have to use about 12" of extension. You can reuse the heat tubing; just slip it over the new lines.


If you dont want to swap out to steel stranded lines, one can simply take some 1/2 in heater hose, cut it longwise, and slide the ctis line inside for added protection. Then close it off with duct tape.

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