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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

An Original Design for a CTIS Cover

I just installed an interestingly well-designed wheel-mounted CTIS valve and tube shield that replaces the stock bracket and tube shield.

This one is a 4 inch wide or so 3/8 thick blade that attaches to the 4 center spindle threads. I guess this is basically a spin off of Bill Meyer's diamond plate circular wheel protector that had a lot of problems, like accumulating a ton of mud in them and no easy access to the cti valve.

This unit was made up by Doug Zirkle--I think with some input by Dave Breggin. This unit is well made and thought out. It counterbalances itself as it places the same amount of metal on both sides of the center point, so no tire rebalancing is needed. It was beautifully powder coated, even the bolts and spacers. This unit allows access to the ctis valve and even has a hole in the center for pushing the valve back in. Doug also allowed some space on the sides for huge truck weights--like what I have for my swampers sx.

This should be standard equipment for Hummer wheels. The stock setup is whimpy, rattles at times, does not protect the valves or tubes when sliding along a rock. The brackets often twist when tightening the rim nuts on the 2-piece wheels.

This is a good, smartly designed unit at a good price. I am impressed.!! And no I am not associated with this venture in any way.


(click on either photo for a larger version)

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