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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

CTIS Compressor:

Found out today that i can't get more than 32psi out of my compressor. Does anyone have a fix for this?

I recently had a similar problem. Turned out to be the over pressure valve. Near the schrader valve on your compressor (the thing you plug your aux hose into) there is an over pressure valve. The valve looks like a brass cylinder about 2" long. There is a small port in the side of the valve. Turn on your compressor and see if air is coming out of the port. If air coming out the valve is defective and needs to be replaced. Another way to test is to replace the valve with a plug. If you can then air up your tires the valve is bad. CAUTION if you forget to turn off the compressor you can over inflate your tires.


The compressor is made by Thomas Industries in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Phone: 414 457 4891, fax: 414 451 4276. Mark Ingram will put you on the right track, tell him that I sent you. Mark is our international contact. This pump is rated at 100 psi continuous duty cycle. Several models of this pump (the 4101 series) are available but this one is rated at, I believe, 2.2cfm. Far bigger than virtually any other pump & is extremely robust. You could use it for diff locks, with much more wiring, to make sure that your ctis is not interfered with. Check your model number and give Thomas a call to establish if it is the suitable one.


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