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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires & Wheels/Cross-Rotating MTs:

Cross rotation (LF to RR ect) has been told to me to alleviate some of the variable shock damping in mid travel. What this does is result in the tire traveling in the opposite direction than it has been before cross-rotating. Some say it is a good thing. Rick says it is not.

Which is it????


lot of Mud Boggers sometimes put the tires (MT's) on with the cheveron facing the rear so the tire will pull mud into the spaces acting like a paddle wheel. Let me clarify what I just said. You can mount the tire any way you want but the tire is designed to work a certian way. ONE thing to remember if you mount radial tire (not sure on bias) on the left side it must stay on the left side. If you mount it on the right side it must stay on the right side. After a few hundred miles the tires "lean" the way they travel. If you mount the tire on the opposite side (as in rotating them the old way) it will bounce around like it is about to fall off. make sure that this is not why some of these HUMMERS on this list are bouncing around. I had one guy mount a GSA inside out and I had to get the thing realigned and a new tire because the steel belts were starting to split. that was before I started to do all the work myself (it was under warranty) I couldn't wait for my warranty to expire. Just my two cent and alot of tires.

Rick in Vegas

From Jerry Jorgenson:

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