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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Changing Tires:

I was wondering if anyone could give me specifics on changing a tire on my wagon...........especially with the CTIS line............I know how the disconnect works, but how does it come off the center hub?..........also, should I jack the control arm, or find a spot on the frame?............sidewall damage is forcing me to use my spare, and I have never done this before, so any direction will be of great help...

  1. Make sure the truck is on level ground, chuck one of the wheels.
  2. Set the emergency brake.
  3. Position the jack under the a-arm, if using factory jack, look for the circle hole where the jack top will insert. (Chuck the factory jack and get a decent floor jack).
  4. Before jacking the vehicle, take a 5/8" socket. Then remove the two bolts holding the CTIS cover in place.
  5. Go to you ctis selector valve (located inside the truck) select it to the none or off position.
  6. On each of the four CTIS disconnect fittings press the little silver tab to release the fittings. (Failure to do so will result in air escaping from all tires). When you press the tab the connector will raise about 1/4 of an inch. (Will not come out fully do not force it out.)
  7. On the tire you are changing, get a decent 3/4" open end wrench, be careful und unscrew the CTIS disconnect fitting. Make sure the wrench does not bend the little tab.
  8. Use a lug wrench to loosen up (do not fully remove) the 8 (7/8" bolts) inner bolts NOT THE OUTER 12 BOLTS!!!.
  9. Jack the tire off the ground, just enough that it does not make contact with the ground anymore. (This will save you back, when you go to put the new tire on the Hummer).
  10. Remover the 8 bolts you loosened earlier.
  11. Remove the tire from the Hummer.
  12. Run flat removal instructions not included)
  13. Reverse directions to install tire.
  14. IMPORTANT when replacing the tire make sure the base of the CTIS stem is between the US markings in the hub assembly, failure to do so will result in CTIS shield alignment.


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