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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tires Available for Hummers:

I would like to replace the GSA's on my 99 wagon, with something more off road capable. I have done some 4 wheeling in the past, so I am pretty familiar with Swampers, Boggers, MT's and the like, so I feel that I understand tread design and purpose.

What I don't have a feel for is what sizes will fit on a stock Hummer, using stock wheel sizes.

For a quick rundown...

Stock Tire Size is 37 x 12.50 x 16.5

Modified sizes range up to 38.5 tall and 15.5 wide without much issue.

GSA's are All Terrain type tires and are great on street and not so good everywhere else. Now I have personally seen GSA's go places I would not have tried with other tires, some seem to believe it is driver skill more than tires that makes the difference.

MT's are a Mud Terrain tire that are the compromise for both street and trail driving. They are quiet as compared to other MT type tires and give a favorable ride.

Super Swampers come in two flavors, belted and radial. There have been mixed postings on these tires as it relates to longevity. Some have had the redials blow out at freeway speeds as they tend to heat up quite a bit. They are great off road and on the street, well that is another story.

Super Swamper also makes a Bogger that works great off-road.

Mickey Thompson makes a Baja belted tire that I currently run and have been quite happy with them they are a bit more aggressive than MT's but more streetable than Swampers. It is a 36 x 14.5 x 16.5

If money is no object then Off-Road America can set you up with some BFG All Terrain's.

Most Common Tires are Swampers & MT's by people who off-road their truck frequently, I have had each of the above on my truck except the BFG's and believe like most others that driver skill will effect your driving through most obstacles rather than tires.

I didn't specify what will not work as I have stated what is most common, try other different setups at your own risk...

For the record, 44" Boggers will not work on a stock Hummer.

38.5" has been the largest I have seen thus far on a stock Hummer.

Modified I have seen 39", and have heard of some highly modified rigs running 44".

Cory T.
'96 TD Open-Top

Retreads are now available for Hummers. They are standard size and use MTs from the military as cores. Check out Allan's write up on retreads.

Here are some other photos of the retreads. Scroll down past the beadlocks and runflats.

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