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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Upgraded Steering Components (August, 2000):

These upgraded parts are just available now (August 2000). The Idler Arm is much larger, while the Pitman Arm has some internal improvements. At this time, all replacement Idler Arms also come with a spacer and longer bolts.

(Click on any photo for a larger version)

Old (lower) and New (upper) Pitman Arms. Internal differences only.

Bottom of New Pitman Arm - new ID tag.

Old (left) and New (right) Idler Arm. Much heavier.

New (left) and Old (right) Idler Arm. Old style was offset,
new style has spacer and longer bolts. Pry lower radiator
pipe to make clearance if necessary.

Bottom of New Idler Arm - new ID tag.

Dave Breggin
'95 Diesel Wagon

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