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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Suspension/Alignment/Simple Toe Measurement:

How about this technique? I'm afraid I may get all tangled up in all that string and hurt myself.

Make sure front wheels are straight ahead.

Front wheels:

Measure the inside distance from the left tire at the middle of the sidewall, at the horizontal centerline, in front of the spindle to the same spot on the right tire. Record measurement.

Now measure from the left tire --at a point to the rear of the spindle, on the inside sidewall, at the horizontal centerline to the same spot on the right tire. Record this measurement.

Subtract distance A from distance B and that will give you the net toe in inches.

If the front inside measurement is greater than the rear inside dimension-- the tires are toed out or negitive toe.

Same process to the rear wheels.



I think you are missing the point. setting toe as you suggest is of little value unless the front wheels are aligned with the back. If you were to check the toe as you said and found the rear wheels were 1/2" out , which one would you adjust? If you adjust the wrong one you may end up with both rear wheels 1/2" out of alignment. The toe would be ok but they would not be in alignment with the front, This could cause all kind of problems. The alignment front to rear is as important as the toe.

Charles 94 4dht

Charlie is right. This method would work for the front IF you didn't care if the steering wheel was centered when you were driving straight.

It will not work for the rears because: if both rear tires are turned the right (even with the correct relative toe-out), the rear of the truck would not track correctly. This can cause steering problems, severe braking problems, and severe tire wear problems.

Dave Breggin
'95 Diesel Wagon

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