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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Replacing Springs:

This will most likely be the easiest thing you do to your Hummer. Really no kidding!! It took me and a friend about 20 minutes from start to finish.

I will guide you through the whole thing. You don't need a spring compressor. You will use the weight of the Hummer to do that for you. Oh yea, Nothing is going to come flying out at you, or anyone else.

  1. First, do not take off your tire you can use it for leverage later.
  2. Loosen the top shock bolt and pull it out
  3. Lift the Hummer at the frame rail on the side you are going to do first. lift it to where the tire just starts to lift off the ground. Put a jack stand at that height.
  4. Loosen the four lower ball joint bolts at that time at take them out. You might have to play with the height of the Hummer to get them out.
  5. Grab the tire at a low point and pull it out of the way you can do this by lifting the Hummer at the lower control arm you will see the lower control arm seperate from the geared hub/lower ball joint pull the tire out of the way to lower the lower control arm so it will drop past the geared hub/lower ball joint.
  6. Pull the jack out you will see the top of the shock drop out of its housing and into the spring because it is connected at the bottom it will not fall off the Hummer you will use this to put the new springs back on.
  7. With the hood open step into the wheel well, place your lower back on the inside of the tire (this is why you don't take off the tire) step on the lower control arm and press down until the top of the shock comes out of the top of the spring housing
  8. You will now be able to lift the spring off of lower control arm
  9. Slip your new spring over the shock, the shock will hold the spring for you.
  10. The flat side of the spring goes on the top, there is a notch on the lower control arm the bottom of the spring must press against it.
  11. Step back into the wheel well and press (with your foot) on the lower control until the top of the shock clears the bottom of the spring housing (watch your fingers) when the top of shock clears release the pressure on the lower control arm and push the top of the spring into its lip it only fits one way if you need to twist it make sure the bottom of the spring is pressing against the stop on the lower control arm.
  12. With the sping in place lift the lower control arm with a jack as you lift push the tire back into the lower control arm so the holes line up. remember the bolts go back in from the bottom with the nuts on top if you line up the 1st and 3rd bolt the other two bolt will be easier to install. tighten the four bolt down good.
  13. Lower the jack and put it next to the jack stand so you can get the jack stand out. Lower the Hummer untill the top of the shock lines up so you can put the bolt back in.
Thats all it takes, in fact it took me longer to write this than it took to change out the springs. You do the same thing to the other side. Its easier than it sounds. One more point, you will need a front end alignment when you are done. LOOK at where your tie rod end clamps are and how they are facing, SHOW the guy who will be doing the alignment NOT the guy at the desk. IF YOU DON'T I can GUARANTEE YOU they will be installed wrong and when you make a turn the the wheel will hit the tie rod end clamps and knock off all the weights on the inside of you tire and dig a groove in to the tie rod end clamp you won't be able to miss the sound it will make, then you will need to balance your wheels. I changed my springs for the same reason, the front was sagging and I have a winch, so I thought it might be from that, plus I want bigger tires under there without it rubbing. Good luck it really is quite easy.


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