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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Spring Removal and Installation:

Can anyone tell me how to remove the springs on late model trucks without killing myself?

From my '95 service manual:

  1. remove wheel

  2. detach bar link from lower control arm (front only)

  3. detach lower ball joint from lower control arm

  4. place jack under lower control arm and raise to release tension on shock pin

  5. detach shock from upper mount
    note: it may be necessary to loosen the lower control arm mounting bolts to allow the arm to be lowered

  6. pull geared hub and ball joint away from lower control arm and lower the control arm - remove spring from lower arm and shock absorber

The service manual also (as always) states that all removed lock-nuts or lock-washers should be replaced.

I have done this on my truck, and it is not too difficult. Getting larger springs in, however, is not so easy.

Dave Breggin
'95 Diesel Wagon


NOTE: The procedure for removing and installing all four coil springs is basically the same. This procedure covers the left front coil spring.


  1. Remove the wheel.

  2. Remove capscrew, two washers, and bar link from lower control arm.

  3. Remove four locknuts, washers, capscrews, washers, lower ball joint, and geared hub from lower control arm. Discard locknuts.

  4. Place jack under lower control arm and raise lower control arm slightly to relieve tension on shock pin.

  5. Remove locknut, shock pin, washer, and shock absorber from spring seat and collapse shock absorber. Discard locknut.
    NOTE: It may be necessary to loosen lower control arm capscrews to allow lower control arm to be lowered.

  6. Pull geared hub and lower ball joint away from lower control arm and remove coil spring from lower control arm and shock absorber.


NOTE: Index coil spring in spring pocket for a slight gap (1/16 - 1/8 inch when spring is in position.

  1. Install coil spring over shock absorber and onto lower control arm ensuring end of coil spring fits in spring pocket of lower control arm.

  2. Ensure coil spring is aligned with spring seat flange, and raise lower control arm.

  3. Extend shock absorber into spring seat and install with washer, shock pin, and locknut. Tighten locknut to 300 lb-ft.

  4. Install lower ball joint and geared hub on lower control arm ensuring lower ball joint is placed below lower control arm. Secure lower ball joint to lower control arm with four washers, capscrews, washers, and locknuts. Tighten front locknuts to 37-lb-ft and rear lock-nuts to 70 lb-ft.

  5. Apply thread-locking compound to threads of capscrew. Install bar link on lower control arm with two washers and capscrew. Tighten capscrew to 70 lb-ft.

  6. Re-install the wheel.

If you are still alive, congratulate yourself on a job well done...

Peter Hipson (founder, NEHOG)
1995 White NA Hummer Wagon

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