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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

How to Tell if a Shock is Bad:

So, how do you recognize a bad shock when you see one??

You have to pull the shock off and put it in a vise. I found by putting even pressure on pushing in and pulling out it worked fine. But by pulling it out say half way and then giving it a sharp pull it would come out about 3/4 inch with out any resistance and you could then push it back with out any resistance about the same distance. Hence my bounce. Thing to think about here is was the shock bad to begin with or did the tire cause the shock to go bad. I tend to think the shock might have been bad from the factory, since I have had the bounce since I picked the Hummer up. Though I have ordered a set of the Centramatic balancers just to be on the safe side.

96 conv gas

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