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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Bleeding the Power Steering:

Extract from website:
Showing revised Power Steering Bleeding Procedure:

SUBJECT: Power Steering Bleed Procedures
DEFICIENCY: The current bleed procedures in TM9-2320-280-20-2, dated Jan 96, Para 8-29, may not expel all air out of the steering system.
COMMENTS: We are aligning our bleeding procedures with those recommended by Saginaw Steering Systems, the steering system vendor.


NOTE Before bleeding the steering system inspect to ensure that hoses are not touching vehicle body or other components and all connections are tight.

  1. Shut engine off. (TM9-2320-280-10)
  2. Turn steering wheel full left.
  3. Raise and secure hood.
  4. Fill fluid reservoir to “FULL COLD” level. (TM9-2320-280-20) Leave cap off.
  5. Raise front wheels off ground. (TM9-2320-280-20)
  6. Turn steering wheel left and right holding wheels at steering stops for five seconds at least 40 times.

    NOTE: Power steering fluid must be free of bubbles and foam. If bubbles or foam are noted, it could be an indication of a loose connection or leaky O-ring.

  7. Check fluid. If any bubbles are seen, repeat step 5.
  8. Start engine. With engine idling, add power steering fluid, if necessary. (TM9-2320-280-10)
  9. Install reservoir cap.
  10. With wheels to center, lower front wheels to ground. (TM9-2320-280-20)
  11. Keep engine running for two or three minutes. Turn steering wheel left and right.

    NOTE: If pump is noisy, recheck hoses for possible contact with vehicle body or engine. If no contact is found and noise continues, switch engine off and repressurize system by following steps 12 and/or 13.

  12. Remove reservoir cap. Wait for system to cool. Reinstall reservoir cap. Start engine and check pump for noise, if noise is still present continue to step 13. If noise stopped, proceed to step 14.
  13. Turn engine off. Remove fluid from reservoir using a suction device. Refill reservoir with clean, cool fluid. Install reservoir cap. Start engine and check pump for noise. If noise is still present, replace power steering pump. (TM9-2320-280-20)
  14. Turn engine off. (TM9-2320-280-10)
  15. Check power steering level. (TM9-2320-280-10)
  16. Lower and secure hood. (TM9-2320-280-10)
  17. Operate vehicle and check for proper steering operation. (TM9-2320-280-10)

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