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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

How Much Weight to Have During Alignment:

Hummers are aligned at the factory, as I understand, at full GVW. That is, with 2 tons of cargo/weight. Since we rarely, if ever, drive it with that much weight, that doesn't reflect "normal" conditions.

Question is, how much weight should be in it when we get an alignment done? Should we try to emulate "normal" conditions? That is the weight of two people and maybe some cargo? Or would an empty truck (with some fuel) be close enough?


For general use an empty truck is fine.


Check with your local HUMMER dealer. AM General has specs for what they call a "light load" adjustment. We have performed it on many trucks to settle down the rear end on icy surfaces and to reduce tire wear.

The light load adjustment is available through AM General service bulletin 94-18-8.


Martin Meissner
HUMMER Product Manager
Northwest HUMMER

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