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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Don't Let This Happen To You!

This is the inside of my old broken transfer case! It is history.. Because the rubber plug on the side was missing, the xfer case filled with water on one of my many adventures at Spring Creek north of Houston. ... The transfer case did not appreciate the improper lubricant! After the mechanic showed me this mess, I MAKE SURE to check the xfer case oil after each outing! It may have been possible to replace the belt and rebuild the transfer case but AM General did replace it under warranty with a new transfer case!

Here is a picture of the NEW transfer case still in the shipping crate! I have labeled some of the parts so it might be possible for you to check your own transfer case to make sure your little rubber plug is in place... Below the linkage you can see where the front drive shaft attaches, that and all the other stuff in the way makes it very hard to see the little rubber plug while the transfer case is installed in the truck! but with a flashlight and some determination you can see the edge of it from under the truck..Check yours NOW!

Pictures taken by Eddie Runner. with a Casio QV-10 digital camera.

Eddies Hummer page

How to Fix It:

Get a 1/8" pipe tap, a 1/8" pipe plug, a little silicone and grease. Now this was all done when the transfer case was out but not apart. Put a little bit of grease up and down the tap, proceed to tap the hole (grease is to keep the aluminum filings from falling into case) just a bit so as not to create to many filings, remove the tap, clean it off and proceed to do the same thing a few times until you are just over half way up the tap, clean out the hole, check your plug for tightness, nice and snug, remove, clean up both hole and plug, put a smear of silicone on plug and thread in snug. Be careful not to tighten too tight so you don't break the case. If you don't like the fix buy another rubber plug. I will not be held responsible for any problem incurred with this procedure.


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