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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Transfer Case/Installing a Temperature Gauge and Sensors:

I was wondering if any of you have a 'non invasive' method for installing any or all 3 of these sensors in a Hummer. I have a few ideas but they don't seem to be too good or accurate. I was wondering what any of you out there in HML land have done? I would prefer not to have to drill/cut/tap any of my cases/oil pans, but rather to cut only rubber hoses or use fittings in existing holes. Would removing an oil pressure sensor and putting a 'T' fitting pose a problem with the oil pressure gauge functioning properly?

The Hayden 275 temp guage has a similar face to the OE guages. I installed one in the hole where my clock was. The easiest place to locate the temp sensor is in the fill or drain plug. This plug is 22mm.

I purchased the guage and a cheap plug from Pep Boys as the stock plug is too hard to drill and tap.

!!!!Caution!!!!! any part of the plug cannot extend into the T-Case more than 9/16" or it will push the oil pick-up tube into the chain!!!!


I don't think the fill plug would be the best place for the sensor. The drain plug might yeild better results.

'95 gas wgn

The best place for the sensor is in the hot spot of the case, tapped into the case next to the detent spring. The drain plug is ok but it may act as a heat sink.

Putting it in a T fitting is no good unless you have the external cooler pump running all the time. The fill plug does not get enough fluid contact.


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