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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Halfshaft Removal:

> Could anyone that has taken it off could you please explain how it's done.  I
> took the three nuts off the whole geared hub assembly
> shouldn't that just drop down so I can pull the half shaft
> out of the hub?  How do I get the half shaft out of the
> Hub?
> Chad
> 92 red wagon


.....take a deep breath and don't hyperventilate on us......

Remove the wheel/tire assembly. Staring directly at the outside of the geared hub/spindle assembly you'll see a large plugged hole near the top of the outside of the geared hub assembly. You may have to rotate the spindle....the part with the lug nut studs on hand to completely reveal the plug and allow access to it.

The plug has a 3/8" square recessed hole in it that accepts a standard 3/8" drive ratchet extension. Remove plug with ratchet with short extension on it. Removing this plug will reveal the head of a bolt. This bolt screws directly into the end of the halfshaft and prevents it from 'floating' back and forth in it's splined seat.

Removing the bolt that is exposed in the access hole will allow you to pull the halfshaft out of the rear side of the geared hub assembly (Assuming you've already unbolted it at the brake rotor end, which is held on by 6 and easily visible).

On reinstalling the halfshaft you'll need to adhere to specified torque values, especially on the brake rotor end, use loc-tite where recommended and ideally replace the twin 'cam-type' lockwashers with new ones. I don't have the torque specs here in front of me.

Rick Crider

You need to tug on either end, and it will come out. If you go to my page, you will see that there is a small ring/clip that must be compressed in order for the shaft out of the ball race within the C/V joint.

I have had to do this a few times in the field in order to keep the truck going so that we could get to a place where we could service it. So if I can do it in the middle of a river, I know you can do it on a bench.


It can take quite a bit off force to remove the joint. If you can't pull it off with your hands you'll need a soft hammer (brass or plastic). It's better in my opinion to pull the splined end off. Remove the clamps from the boot and slide it up the shaft. Articulate the outer race fully in one direction, this will leave a flat in the inner race that you can tap with the soft hammer. The ball joint should come off easily like this. Be forewarned if you take the ball joint itself apart it is like Rubics Cube to reassemble. It's a good idea to repack the joint while it's off but you may want to leave it together and force in the new grease from side of the joint and let the new grease force the old out the other side. If your boot has been torn long or you have been in the soup with it torn you may risk an evening with MR. Rubic and really get it cleaned out.

Have fun


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