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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

An Experiment Using Dryer Vent Tubes to Cool the Transfer Case

I attached 4-inch diameter and 6-inch diameter aluminum flex dryer tubes to my underbody protection with them angled on both sides of the tcase plate. Looks a little weird under there. Obviously not the ideal for Off Road. It changes the ground clearance from 16 to about 9. But 2 hose clamps each and they are off.

I drove at 55-60 mph--could not get the tcase temp above 120. At 65-70 for a while it went to 230 max. Some improvement.. I guess there is some heat transfer off the alum case--or the extra airflow clears out the stagnant heated air in the hump.

I will next try to go to another 6-inch tube and lower the tube openings a bit. This does seem promising.. for street use only..


I tried this system out today--with 2 --6 inch dryer vent Aluminum Flex tubes angled into the 2 sides of the tcase plate. These 8 dollar tubes are attached to the underbody protection via 2 -7 inch hose clamps each. They hold great and takes about 5 min to install..

I have already disconnected the stock intercooler loop. I was going 70 mph-for 30 minutes which is the fastest I have gone in it for a long while-especially with SXs on-probably, add 5 mph for speedometer correction due to the 38.5s.

The max temp I was able to get was 230. This is not too bad. The ambient temp was about 65--unseasonable for this time in PA. Under normal conditions even with the intercooler connected --my temps would get to 250-260, --300 during the summer. You have also eliminated the Intercooler loop fracture risk.. This is all a fair compromise situation.. Nothing beats the simplicity.

At 235 max -from my chart --your trans fluid would provide normal lubrication to 15 k miles and would not get discolored.

I think this is a reasonable option --if you did not want to fuss around with the install of the remote cooler--and all the parts, vulnerability of all the hoses, worry of the fluid levels etc.

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