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Hummer Knowledge Base

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CVC Boot Replacement:

Just got my Hummer up on the rack. I just tore my CVC boot and it seems grease is all over the wheel well. Anyhow, how difficult is it to change this and how hard will it be to get the parts? Do you have to take the half shaft off and what end do you disconnect it from?

92 Red Wagon

The boot can be replaced. I've done several. It is easiest to take the out side (wheel side) yolk off. You will have to replace the split washer that holds the yolk on. I found that that part can not be found at AMG. The one off a late model Ford Escort fits right in the groove. It is not to bad if you have a big vise to hold the half shaft as you will have to hammer the end yolk off. The first one is a bear the rest will be easy. I think I paid $8.00 for the boot and maybe $1.00 for the washer. Better than $300 or so for a new one.

Good luck

Rick in Vegas

Take a look at this:

get the part number, go to Autozone, pick it up and then install it. Bottom line, you will need to dissassemble the inner to get the outer off. So you will need to get another set of clamps and packet of grease which Any autoparts store sells....

When you get the clamps off of the inner boot, there will be a lot of grease. You will need to clean some of it up. When you are done with that, there is a ring, around the top of the inner housing that you need to remove. When you remove this, the ball bearings and cage and race will all come out. Remove the ball bearings and the cage. Then you will need to remove the snap rings holding the race on. Try to keep everything in the same position / orientation when you are doing this, so a good clean table will help. Then remove the second snap ring, then the inner boot.

Now you can slide off the outter boot and put the new outter boot on. You might ask why you have to take the inner off to get to the outter... The answer is simple, you probably would have to destroy the outter to get it to come off. So, doing the inner is the simple way. If the grease in the outter looks bad i.e. you see water in the joint, then try and clean it out the best you can and then install the new grease in the boot and on the cage... it would also be a good time to inspect the cage for any cracks.

All in all, if this is your first time working with a halfshaft, it will probably set you back about 1-2 hrs once you have all of the parts and have it off the truck.

For the clamps, you should rent, or buy the correct tool so that you clamp it good and tight. When you are done clamping the boot down, you should have the "clamp" look like a T.

I also forgot to mention, on your halfshaft, there are indents where the boot will get clamped down. You will see these when you do the replace.

I also have another boot kit from Murrays, local to michigan, (same as checkers and some other chains I believe) with the following info:

Brand: Neapco
PN: 85-1248

Has 6 ribs, 1" dia for the shaft part and approx 3" for the CV part. Comes with clamps and 1 grease packet.


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