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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Halfshaft Bolt Safety Wire:

Safety-wired my HS bolts recently. A big "thanks" goes to "Big Stud" John for the excellent advice on safety wiring.

I like the mod a lot. Not only does it provide added security, but it also simplifies regular checking of the bolt tightness. It's quite easy to just check the tension and condition of the safety wire and look for anomalies.

A few notes for anyone interested:

  1. HS bolt heads drill quite easily with a cobalt-tipped bit. 3/32" is just right.

  2. Make sure you chamfer the holes, or you could nick the wire.

  3. .032 wire is fine. I also used .041 as a test. It's sturdier, but much harder to work with, especially in tight quarters. The pigtails are also larger with the .041, so you have to be more careful when orienting them to ensure sufficient brake caliper clearance.

  4. I prefer the "Tiger Wave" wire twist pliers to the standard versions. The toothless, wavy jaw face doesn't tend to nick the wire like the flat, toothed types do. Snap-On offers two sizes of the "Tiger Wave" pliers. You can also file the teeth on standard wire-twist pliers, but then it can be difficult to get a firm enough pull on the wire. Even with the flattened teeth on my standard pliers, there were small nicks left in the wire. So far, I've seen no nicks with the "Tiger Wave" pliers.

  5. The following are good references for safety-wiring: Carroll Smith's "Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook", and the "Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic's General Handbook". The latter is a DOT/FAA publication which I bought through "Sporty's". Both are very good reading for anyone interested in fasteners.

  6. I used the standard camlock washers, but I would have tried Belleview washers had I had a supply available. Whichever you use, replace the washers when you make the mod. Doing this is very cheap insurance.



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