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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

ATF in Air Filter:

I have noticed that there is transmission fluid inside my Air filter. Why? Where is coming from??

IMPORTANT: ATF in the air filter indicates that the cooling loop in the t-case has failed, and the transmission is pumping ATF into the t-case. Once the t-case fills, the excess goes to the hubs, differentials, and then the air filter (and belive it or not, a small amount is actually recycled to the transmission!) This needs to be fixed ASAP if it has happened.

  1. Check your transmission fluid level. If low fill it to the proper level.

  2. Temporarily remove the t-case cooler from the transmission loop. Plug the lines from the t-case so that dirt doesn't get in the t-case.

  3. Check for ATF contamination in the hubs, and differentials. If there is any contamination, do an oil change.

  4. Get the t-case cooling loop repaired.

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