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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Unlisted Maintenance Checks:

Maintenance checks and service are quite comprehensive for the H1, but little is mentioned on the small stuff that must be checked but are not listed in the service schedule or lube orders. Just a list of stuff that I do to keep everything checked out:

  • screws holding in the corner markers from behind-star washers tend to loosen over time.
  • door panel screws - robertson bit required.
  • dash/center console screws-hex bit required.
  • lubricate hood support blocks - heavy grease required.
  • lubricate steering wheel horn electrical contact - dielectric grease required.
  • clean/exercise CTIS quick disconnects - keep o-rings pliable.
  • lubricate steering gear lock to lock limit stops - heavy grease required.
  • lubricate door jam lock strikers - medium grease required.
  • srews holding fuel door frames from behind - check tightness.
  • screws holding wheel covers - check tightness.
  • clean oring on oil dipstick and all underhood fluid caps - extends life.
  • one more often missed lube is the steering column underneath the dash.
A little medium(blue) locktite helps for the screws, as well.


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