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Hummer Knowledge Base

AM General
Service Bulletins

AMG Service Bulletin

Models Affected: All Models Prior to VIN 163985

An enhanced steering arm, idler arm, center link, upper control arm and ball joint have been released for Hummer vehicles. The enhanced parts entered production with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 163985. The enhanced parts are dimensionally different and are not interchangeable with factory-installed parts on vehicles built prior to VIN 163985 (See Figures I and 2). Therefore, if service replacement of any of the parts is necessary, refer to the following charts to order the appropriate part based on the VIN:

Steering and Suspension Parts Prior to VIN 163985

Part Name Part Number
Steering Arm 12340015
Idler Arm 12340016
center Link 12338622
Control Arm, Front L.H., Upper WA 12338268 1
Control Arm, Front R.H., Upper WA 12338268 2
Control Arm, Rear L.H., Upper WA 12338272 1
Control Arm, Rear R.H., Upper WA 12338272 2
Ball Joint 12338325

Steering and Suspension Parts After VIN 163985

Part Name Part Number
Steering Arm 06004838
Idler Arm 06004839
center Link 06003868
Control Arm, Front L.H., Upper WB 12338268 1
Control Arm, Front R.H., Upper WB 12338268 2
Control Arm, Rear L.H., Upper WB 12338272 1
Control Arm, Rear R.H., Upper WB 12338272 2
Ball Joint 06005782

Steering linkage kit 05744272 includes the enhanced steering arm, idler arm and center link.

Installation, including checking/adjusting alignment, requires 2.4 hours (Labor Operation 50801). Upper control arm and ball Joint kit 05744274 includes the four enhanced upper control arms and ball joints.

Installation, including checking adjusting alignment, requires 5.2 hours (Labor Operation 50802). Kit installation should be performed at owner expense. The kits can be installed separately or together based on owner request and are not dependent on each other for proper vehicle operation. Since both kits contain enhanced parts not interchangeable with factory installed parts, each kit should be installed as a complete set. Each kit and the individual service parts can be obtained through the Dealer Communication System (DCS). Wheel alignment and torque specifications have not changed with the enhanced parts or kits.

Enhancement Descriptions:

The enhanced center link has thicker bosses for the longer steering and idler arm ball studs (See Figure 1). Boss thickness is 1.00 - 1.040 in. on the enhanced part, 0.798-0.838 in. on the previous part.

The enhanced steering and idler arms have longer ball stud shanks (See Figure 1). Shank length of the enhanced part is approximately 0.25 in. longer than the previous part.

Figure I - Enhanced Center Link and Ball Studs

The enhanced control arms have a welded reinforcement added to the ball joint seat area (See Figure 2). The enhanced ball joint is larger than the previous and requires larger diameter (3/8 inch) attaching bolts.

Figure 2 - Enhanced Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint

Copyright 1995, AM General Corporation, 105 N. Niles Ave. South Bend, IN 46617. All rights reserved,

AMG Publication


AMG Publication

Fuel Filter

AMG Recall Notices


December, 1996

Dear Hummer Owner:

This notice is being sent to you in accordance with requirements of the National Highway Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. AM General has been informed by our front seat supplier that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists with some seat frames installed in 1996 HUMMERS built between January 2 and September 17, 1996.

The problem is ...
The Seat back may disengage from the seat frame, thereby permitting the seat back to rotate without resistance towards the rear of the vehicle. Two seat frame welds which transmit seat back loads may have been improperly welded and may break without warning.

What your Hummer dealer will do...

Your Dealer has been instructed to inspect your vehicle's front seat frames for proper weld integrity. If it is determined that a seat frame does not meet specifications, then that seat frame will be replaced with a new seat frame. If the seat frame meets specifications, no further action is required. This procedure will be performed at NO COST to you.

What you must do ...

Contact your HUMMER Dealer immediately to schedule an appointment for this important inspection, and where required, seat frame replacement. REF-

If you need help ...

If you have trouble getting your vehicle repaired, please call AM General at 1-800-638-8303. If you believe that AM General Corporation or your authorized HUMMER Dealer has failed or is unable to remedy the problem without charge or within reasonable time, you may submit a written complaint to: The Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, DC 20590, or call the toll-free Auto Safety Hot-line at 1-800-424-9393 (Washington DC residents may call 366-0123).


We're sorry for any inconvenience to you, but your safety and continued satisfaction with your HUMMER are important to us. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Customer Satisfaction Department AM General Corporation

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