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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Oetiker Clamps

I just got my catalog from Oetiker along with a letter and many samples. They have a large variety of different types of clamps. I think this is an important issue for the tcase, trans and coolant lines--since there has been many a problem and failure from fluid leaks.

They have a series of EAR clamps that require those jaw pinchers to tighten them like on the CV Boot clamps. The claim here is the spring-like action that permits the clamp to BREATH without loosening. States have held 30 bar (441 psi). These also come with inserts.

Stepless Ear Clamps.. The claim here is a 360-degree with tongue and ingroove design with a smooth inner circumference. Can be used for low DUROMETER and thin walled hose/tubing. No gaps or steps inside the clamp. These need the jaw pincers also. These have hooks and bridges for approximating the size needed.

Standard hose clamps cause the rubber to squeeze through the worm drive slots - this can result in a damaged hose. The tightening transition is not uniform, I would think. There are also some gaps in the tension.

The one I am most interested in is the Stepless SPRING and SCREW Clamps. These are for THERMAL CYCLE applications. These also allow the hose to BREATH. They are self tightening, adjustable and reusable. It uses a HD aircraft quality Spring which automatically reacts to thermal expansion, contraction and vibration. Claims to prevent COLD WATER LEAK --COLD FLOW. The screw D nut arrangement engages the full diameter of the screw threads for achieving a greater tensioning effect with only a low installation torque. There are also finger tabs and locks for larger clamps.

I am impressed..


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