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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Parts List Credits and Disclaimers:

SUGGESTION: A phone call or visit to an auto parts store or Hummer dealer to make sure you have the right part and/or part number is suggested. Double-check whenever possible.

Notices and Dislaimers:

  1. Verified indicates that usage of a part has been verified by a member of the Hummer Network (HML) or The Diesel Page (DP).  If the part has not been verified, it indicates that the part number is listed by a manufacturer for use in the Hummer, or in a component installed in the Hummer. 

    Use of the term verified is not an endorsement of a product by the Hummer Network, The Diesel Page or members thereof.

  2. References to parts identified by members of The Diesel Page are used with permission and courtesy of Jim Bigley, owner and copyright holder of the The Diesel Page at

  3. Products with additives that should not be used with diesel engines are not listed. An example of this would be an oil filter with PTFE (Teflon®), as the PTFE particles usually end up clogging the oil filter and/or lubrication pathways.

  4. When the same manufacturer is noted for different brand names, please be aware that the parts quality, performance and life span may differ.  Identification of manufacturers of the various brands is solely based on information publicly published by the manufacturers.

  5. Due to errors in manufacturers catalogs and product number changes, it is very strongly recommended that you verify the part number before obtaining the part.  Also, once you have obtained the part, check to ensure that it is correct part!

  6. This is a listing of essential parts only. It does not include accessories of any kind.

  7. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

  8. The collaters of this list can take no responsibility for the accuracy or use of the data contained within this list.

Original © Copyright Mark L. Gaubatz 1996-2000. All rights reserved.

Revised and updated by The Hummer Network, 2006

© Copyright The Hummer Network. All rights reserved.

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