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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base


( All are AM General Numbers)

Part Part Number
Inflate Coil, Front 60101153
Inflate Coil, Rear 6010116
Deflate Coil 6010118
Inflate Valve, Front 6008370
Inflate Valve, Rear 6008370
Deflate Valve 6008371
Dust Excluder 5935430
Over Pressure (saftey) Valve 6008872
Complete Manifold Assembly 6009994
Aux. Air Hose Assembly
(yellow coil hose)

6005739 - Hose Assy-CTIS Tee To L. Same front and rear. Applies to '96 and later, including the Alpha.

CTIS Overpressure Protection Valve - From BlueHummer Outfitters

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