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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base


Alternator - AM General Numbers:

Year/Model Part/Product Number Verified
1994-96 NA Diesel 6003163 HML
1995-96 Gas 6003162 HML
1996-99, 2001 TD 6006776 HML
2000, 2002-04 TD 6012512 HML
2006 Alpha 145 amp 6019239 HML

Alternator - 124-amp, all Turbodiesels:

Supplier Part/Product Number Verified
AC DELCO 321-1429 HML
GM 10464081 HML

Alternator - Unsure of years/models:

Supplier Part/Product Number Verified
NAPA 213-4521D HML
AC Delco 321-397 HML

Re-Manufactured OEM Starter - Unsure of years/models: 6608S

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