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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Windshield Glass Replacement:

I replace these on occasion on my truck and some others around here and I can give you a few tips:

  1. To replace the windshields on both sides and do a very good job it takes about 10 hours work. This includes drilling and tapping or replacement of Nutserts when the screws snap off which happens often in areas where the truck has been on salted roads. Doing a good job also includes toucking up the paint on the screws, no leaks, and anti seize on all threads.

  2. You can use urethane or 20 year RTV to seal the job. Urethane hardens very hard and is preferred by NHTSA because the glass is less likely to blow out in an accident keeping humans from being ejected. But Urethane is a b*tch to take apart later and scrap off. There are small air powered tools made for shops that use a small recip blade to cut the urethane. I use the 20 year GE RTV. Seals good and cleans up a little easier. Easier to get the glass out the next time too.

  3. If the rubber gasket is old and dry replace it. It is cheap and will save a lot of headaches. Use black RTV between the glass and the rubber and clear RTV between the rubber and the truck frame. Dont skimp here and it will not leak.

You can do the job a lot faster but the extra time and quality of workmanship will pay off in less problems down the road.


It's a piece of cake. The window removes with some difficulty. You will likely crack it upon removal, but you are replacing it. Go to a glass supply house and get a tube of black glazing putty. A tube of black Silicone sealant is needed as well. the putty goes onto the window frame at the back to seal the weather from the cabin. the silicone seal is for the top and both sides of the windshield. Leave the bottom front open to the weather so water that does get in weeps out of the assembly. The Hummer manual is somewhat helpful. The disassembled windshield will show you how it goes back together.

The biggest problem is the heated windshield assembly. AM changed the manufacturer sometime after 1997, and the wires are visually different. If you are interested in aesthetics, you will likely want to replace both windshields.

I have replaced three windshields (the Hummer tires throw stones to the front). I am working on a stone flap to deflect the projectiles down to the road.


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