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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Interior/Under-Dash Photos:

Description of Under Dash Pictures:

Picture 1 shows the the under-dash area above the driver's feet:
Shown are the steering shaft, fuse & relay area, and the steering column.

Picture 2 shows a close-up view of the steering column mounting screws nearest the dash (Left side bolt shown here):
Also visible, but not labeled is the connector for the diagnostic computer (center of picture).

Picture 3 shows another steering column mounting bolt (driver's side, forward). Also shown are the two grease points in the steering column that are under the dash:

Picture 4 shows the relays and the fuses. (One fuse cover is removed for the photo.) Also shown is the brake light switch:

Picture 5 is from the owners manual identifying the relays:

Dave Breggin

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