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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Temperature Valve:

>My temperature selecter only gets about 1/2 way towards hot when it begins >the flashing. As I recall, this is an error messege that indicates the >valve does not match the position selected. Thus the valve is not getting >to the hot position and I have no heat. >Is there an easy fix? A manual override? Simple lube? > >Thanks, >Scott, 95NA

The easiest and fastest fix...

  1. Open hood. Get tools out.
  2. Remove the air cleaner to intake manifold assembly. (Plug intake with rag)
  3. Remove top plastic cover from heater control unit, located under where the intake plumbing removed in step 2 was.
  4. Remove connector from controller.
  5. Remove two screws holding electrical controller from mechanical valve.
  6. Spray cleaner (WD-40 works) around water valve.
  7. Manually open and close the water valve, repeat until valve is free and easy to move.
  8. Lubricate the mechanical water valve externally, and then clean off all traces of lubricant
  9. Reinstall the electrical controller assembly, and re-assemble the truck. DO NOT FORGET THE RAG in the intake plenum!

This process (cleaning/lubricating and manually working the water valve) worked wonders on my heater control. I took about 40 or so cycles (a minute or so) to get the valve freed up. I just grabbed it with a rag and flipped it back and forth rapidly over and over again. I also inspected the electrical assembly, and it was in excellent condition, and didn't need any service!

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