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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Stuck Power Windows:

> I have a 4dr Soft top with power windows.  I have a problem with them when I 
> want to put them up they get stuck or jammed and take forever to put up.  I 
> tried WD-40 it worked for a week then the same.  Does this happen to other 
> people and if so tell me about it.  
> Thanks
> Chris

WD-40 is not a suitable lubricant for this purpose. Try a silicone spray. I think you'll be much happier.


I just fixed this problem on my truck. Go out to an auto parts store and pick up some Silicone lubricant spray. It sprays on clear and drys clear so you wont see it.

Use the straw and spray the sleeve where the window rols up and down. Then, roll it up and down a few times. If it was the same problem i was having, it should fix it.


If silicone does not work, you may need to take off the door panel. I did it in a parking lot on a trip one time, so it's not too bad. All i did was remove the entire door panel by unscrewing it (be careful not to rip the panel, make sure all screws are out. Now, the panel should lift up toward the top of the truck. Once this is removed, you will see a piece of plastic covering the hole into the door. carefuly peal this back, and you should see a metal track and a metal box with the end of a shaft sticking through it. Apply a good quality grease to this shaft end, and also in the track, and help the window up and down a few times. It should get much much easier. I did this to my truck 15,000 miles ago, without adding the silicone spray, and it works like a charm still; even after lots of mud and water


First, wash the whole thing throughly, from windown tim down. Don't use WD-40 as a lube!!! It is not made to be a lubricant. It is a cleaner. Use powder graphite once the sills are dry an make sure everything is clean. No water or mud!!. If the runners are sticking clean them. I use Crosion-X and I'll stand by their product through thick an thin, it's spectactular.


My problem lied in the actual metal shaft that connects the motor to the mechanism that holds the window. If you grab the top of the window and pull up while pressing the close window button then you should be able to help it past these sticking points. If this is not possible your problem could either be the same as mine, just much worse, or your problem could be much simpler. Sounds like something within your door came loose and is now blocking the window from going down all the way. I would get in there with a flashlight or your hand and feel around the bottom of the window when it is at the lowest point your power window button will allow it to go, making sure there is nothing solid within the door that is keeping it from going down. Again my problem was not really the motor but there was a problem with the actual mechanism that attaches the motor to the window. One similar note is the distinct sound of the window somewhat "chatching" at different locations on its track down.

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