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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Broken Shifter Button:

> Hey there all,
> The button that is on top of my shifter does not work any more.  I can
> change gears with out depressing it. Its like it has lost its spring if there
> is one.
> Has anyone encountered this? If so what is the fix??
> Thanks in advance,
> Jason

Hi Jason,

Yes there is a spring in there. I assume that the button stays down now. You will have to take the unit apart to get at the spring. I can not believe that the spring has broken,It's a very stout spring. I believe that there is some corrosion or debris in the lever that the spring operates in. The button is connected to a rod that goes in the center of the shifting lever, at the end or the rod there is a flag of metal sticking out so that the rod is not able to come out the top of the shifter. It's not a real difficult repair, but it will take some time. If the rod is in real bad condition I have new ones on hand. Generally they can be cleaned up. I hope this helps.


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