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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Shifter Mechanism Rebuild:

This was a tough job.

  1. The under carriage protection must go. The engine must be cold for the shifter is right next to the exhaust. Block the wheels with 4x4 so the truck will not roll forward or backward.

  2. Remove the trim top to expose the three bolts that hold the shifter mechanism to the floor.

  3. Using an extension with swivel with 7/16 deep socket on a 1/2 inch drive remove the three bolts from the under side of the vehicle that holds the shifter. A second person must be on top to hold the bolts. Mine was previously replaced with Allen Head bolts so it was possible to have the Allen wrench jam up against something (in my case Rick Van Ryckeghem's hand)

  4. Label the 5 wires on both sides of the connection so you can reassemble properly.

  5. Remove the cotter keys from the shifter control arms. There may be a pressure washer there between the cotter key and shaft. There are rectangular plastic blocks that slide off the shifter arms and protect the boot from being cut.

  6. From in the cab, cut the old boot to the level of the shift interlock cable.

  7. Put key in ignition and move to accessory but DO NOT START, pull gear shifter back toward rear of vehicle to give you room to pull out interlock cable. Turn off ignition switch. (we did not figure this out for at least 1 hour!)

  8. Remove bolt that holds the shift interlock mechanism. Using an alligator vise grip pull the cable end toward you to free cable end from the notch.

  9. The entire mechanism can be removed at this time.

  10. Rebuild it on your kitchen table so your wife gets mad at you.

  11. I used a Dremel with a wire wheel or a small sanding cylinder to get the rust off all of the moving components.

  12. To get to the light bulbs, a small tab is at the base of the elevated and angled shifter label boxes. Push in with a flat blade screwdriver and pick up to expose bulbs and the optical cable track. This can be done anytime with the shifter in the truck completely assembled.

  13. Replace neutral safety switch

  14. Pass wires through the new boot wire hole then secure boot to the wires which pass through it with a tie down.

  15. Place new Teflon boot cover over the rubber boot cover

  16. Place shifter into truck and reverse the procedure.

AMG part numbers:
Heat resistant cover 6007457
Shift Control Boot 12460508
Neural Safety Switch 5743158

While this is considered a 2 hour job with an experienced Hummer technician using a hoist, good light ..... think 5 or 6 hours when you are laying on your back with crud falling in your face and it then starts snowing in a Michigan spring.

Anyway, another Hummer adventure completed. By the way, everything worked ... I would hate to think about pulling it all apart again because we goofed something up.


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