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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Repairing Armrest:

I did the cardinal sin for the arm rests... I rotated it so that the nut inside started to move, and now I can't seem to figure out how its supposed to go in there... Any help on how to get the screw back into the nut would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Using a long knife cut the foam (in the center) in a 360 degree fashion around the long axis of the arm rest
  2. Peal the foam 1/2 off of each side using a putty knife and razor.
  3. There are 4 wood screws going through the wooden top into the plastic bottom. Remove them.
  4. Remove the strapping tape from the plastic bottom to expose the inner mechanism.
  5. Place the nut into the square holder. You could silicon it in place if you think you will ever do this again. Screw in the long rod.
  6. Apply the spring clip so the shaft does not rattle.
  7. Wrap the unit with strapping tape. Reassemble the wood, plastic bottom.
  8. Silicon the foam back into place

Tricks to get the roll pin into position and properly placed:

  1. Use a pen to mark the hole positions in the base plate
  2. Run a 4 inch bolt with a thin diameter (maybe a number 8) through the center of the roll pin
  3. Use a C clamp covered with a cloth (to not dirty the arm rest cover) and compress the arm rest near the hole where the pin goes
  4. Place the roll pin with the centering bolt into the base plate roll pin hole. Use you ink marks as a guide to location.
  5. Using a flat chisel tap in the roll pin, pushing the roll pin toward the arm rest as you hit the chisel with a metal hammer.
  6. Remove the 4 inch bolt with a long nose Channel Lock and knock the roll pin flat to finish seating it.


Can this roll-pin be purchased at like a Home Depot place? Size and type?

Yes, it can be picked up anywhere. I believe it's 1/4" in diameter and maybe 3/4" long... take your arm rest with you to the store and find one that will fit properly...


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