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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Interior/Floor Mats/Make Your Own:

> I am interested in floor mats, especially for the rear of the wagon.  Are
> they available?

I made my own. Details follow. These are for carpeted floor mats, not the rubber variety.

Went to a local carpet of the large ones that carry both residential and commercial carpeting. Picked out a gray that matched my interior. Chose a commercial, heavy duty dense, tightly woven, made for wear. Some even come with a rubberized backing though the one I chose did not. Bought enough carpet from a roll end for $15.00 (fifteen) to make the following: two for front, two for rear, and one large cargo area mat for the rear of the wagon. Piece was small enough that it wouldn't have sold well for carpeting a room, but plenty large enough for Hummer needs. Cut out patterns from newspaper to fit the floor to suit your taste. (I cut mine so that the fronts have 'legs' that run down both sides of the front seats and meet the rear mats, so there's no noticeable gap, and cut the rears with slits in them that allow the mats to go between and around the rear seat bottom rails.)

Transfer pattern to carpet and cut out. Take to local auto upholstery shop, drop it all on their table and have them bind the edges with the binding material of your choice. I already had almost a complete roll of binding left over from another car project awhile back and thus supplied my own binding. The shop charged me $45.00 labor to sew the binding around the 5 pieces of carpet. Total cost thus far: $60.00 since I had my own binding. Total time about 2 hours, more or less.....I really didn't keep track and it's been a while ago......

Looks Great! Fits Great! Has noticeable sound dampening qualities though I can't quote you specifics in decibels. For the rear cargo mat (wagon), I laid it in place and marked the location of the rear cargo tie downs. Took about a 2" gasket punch and punched nice neat holes for the tie down rings to come up through.

Completely washable. I take them out, suds them up, wash with a tire brush, hose them off and hang out to dry.

On top of these (front and rear footwells only) I use a generic rubber 'high ribbed' truck mat. I believe they're made by Kraco and available at Wal Mart and many auto parts chain stores. They work extremely well at containing mud, dirt, water, and I can vouch that one front mat will hold a 16 oz cup of coffee without spilling over the ribs. :->

All total, starting at the bottom, there's the stock foam and rubber floor covering, then the carpeted mats, then the rubber ribbed mats......probably about 1.5" total thickness.

Hope this helps.....

Rick Crider
Monroe NC
95 diesel wagon.

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