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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Interior/Auxiliary Lighting/Installation:

I recently purchased a Hella interior light that I want to mount on the windshield bar. Does anyone have detailed instructions as to how I might install it? It came with mounting hardware and that's it. Is it possible to connect the wires where the windshield wiper motor is?

You have a few choices. The easiest is to wire it into the wiper power (the one with power all the time) or run a wire all the way to the interior foot light and tap into the power. The second way allows it to be used like the rest of the interior lights and come on when opening the doors. With the easy way you have to turn it on to use it.

Tim 97 Yellow OpenTop (Bumble Vee)

I just got done installing mine at what a difference.


What I did was Take the "T" shape windshield wiper motor cover off. To do this is the hard part. You have to take your top off to get to the screws on the top of the T bar. I took the dash top off (that little strip that runs next to the windshield). Under that you will see the tubes that run your a/c to the vent near the side window (plastic) on the driver's door and to the vent near the radio. Take the screws off the oil pressure guage and the water temp guage (if you take these off (both panels on each side of the speedo only four phillip screws each) you can run the wires behind the speedo to give it a clean "see no wires" look) you can connect a set of wires to the interior light near your left knee. If you pull the plug out of the light it has two male ends and will most likely touch the metal base and blow the 15 amp fuse so have a few extras handy. This way, if the light does not work you can check the fuse (I blew two) (if you do this the new light will come on and off when you open and close the door (this light has its own on/off switch so you can control that any way) connect it to the wires coming off the lower interior light by just spliting into the wires. You do not have to connect the wires in a certain way, this will only change the way the switch works on the Hella lamp, because it does not have an on or off position it does not matter. Once the wire is run you can install the lamp base. You will need to drill three holes, two for the base support and one for the wires. The one for the wires is a little bigger so run the drill bit throught the base to see which is the biggest size you can use for each hole. The T-shaped bar is not dead center so do not drill just yet. I placed mine towards the upper left corner to allow room for the wiper motor. Place the lamp base on the T-shaped plastic with the little plastic tap (this stops the lamp from turning a complete circle pulling the wires out) in the 2 o'clock position. This way you can turn the light in any direction without the tab stopping you (you will understand after you install it). Drill your holes and tighten the two bolts down. Run your wires through and connect them to the wires you ran from the lower interior light (your light should be on, if it is not flip the switch on the side). Make sure you have a little slack, you can pull it when you are ready to tighten everything back down. Run the wire down the center of the T-shaped plastic and put it back on. It will go on much easier if you put the bottom part on first and work the top on (it is a little difficult but it will go back on). After you get that piece back on put the screws back in, but not tight. When all the screws are in, tighten the top ones first. The two bottom ones will only go in if the wire is right down the middle so you might have to move it around to get them in. It is a very tight fit. Before you put the dash piece back on you will have to cut out a notch in the aluminum lip that goes under the windshield frame line up the dash where it will be reinstalled. Look to see where the wire runs, then cut out a piece about a half an inch back and a 1/4 inch across. This will give you the room so you don't pinch the wires. Once you cut that piece out you can reinstall the dash. Make sure the wires did not move and are placed in that groove. Tighten the dash down and replace the guage plates. You can do this without taking the guages out but you will have to dig for the wires and it will be much easier. I know this is a lot, but it is very detailed and step-by-step, so don't worry. It is much easier than it looks, just time consuming but well worth it. You can face the light towards the front and use it as a third head light it is pretty bright. Good luck.

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