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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Cruise Control Doesn't Work After Installing LED Taillights:

I installed L.E.D. tailights and now cruise does not work. What need to be done???

The problem is usually electrical leakage in the brake circuit. Often the trailer connector, the trailer connector's inline connector, brake switch, or even lamp sockets are leaking a small voltage into the brake system.

When using bulbs, this voltage remains very low, and doesn't create any problems, but with LEDs, the voltage rises above the cruise control's trigger point for brakes being on.

The following test procedure may help:

  1. In a *DARK* area or garage, can you see any glow from your LED brake lights? If you can, you have excessive leakage.

  2. Is there any measurable voltage on the brake light LEDs when they should be off? If you see voltage (even two volts is two too much.) you have leakage.
If you find leakage, and you will probably do so, start by unplugging the inline trailer connector (the eight pin 2x4 connector in front of the rear bumper). Clean the vehicle end carefully, then without reconnecting the trailer connector, run the above tests again. If that fixes the leakage, try reconnecting the connector and see if it continues to be good. If it goes bad, then the connector on the bumper is the problem, and must be repaired or replaced.

If you still find leakage, remove the brake light fuse, run the tests again. With the brake light fuse out, if the leakage goes away, inspect the brake switch, and associated wiring for faults.


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