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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Doghouse Removal:

How the hell do you remove the dog house? I have taken out all the bolts/screws I can find and it just wont budge. What is the trick?

The trick is not to be gentle. The rubber gasket will over the years develop a very strong bond to the metal firewall. A large rubber mallet to hit it side to side and a crowbar to lift the lower edges will do the job. It helps to put the shifter into drive when taking it out (parking brakes locked).

Once I freed mine up, it comes out easily now.


There are 4 screws at the top (in front of the windshield), plus 2 more large ones by the drivers and passengers knees. I normally remove the passenger crash pad as well, although I am not sure if this is really necessary (only a handful more screws, but the window defroster tube is a pain to put back in place properly). I found that the doghouse in my truck really sticks to the rear a/c cover, making it seem like it is glued to it, or otherwise fastened. The 3 or 4 times I've had to remove it, I was always afraid of breaking the bottom part where it contacts that a/c cover. It helps to remove the glovebox as well, at least this way you can try to pry the doghouse bottom. Finally, I usually have to unscrew the transmission/transfer case shift linkage cover, as it is right against the lower lip of the doghouse.

97 TD wagon

This is what I do...(for a 97 Hummer):

  1. Remove ~4 trim screws (2 for the dog house and 2 for the passenger crash pad.
  2. Remove kick panel and crash pad on front passenger; dont forget about the screw on the vent tube so you dont rip it out.
  3. Disconnect radio/AC panel (4-faceplate screws) from there, disconnect radio harness,a/c harness, window controll harness, rear fan harness
  4. Remove 1 black trim phillips head screw (lower left side of dog house(near e-brake handle slot; just above it; and just under the clock)
  5. With the truck off, put the gear selector in reverse or 1st gear and GENTLY pry off the dog house. This is done so the dog house doesnt get hung up with the gear selector in park. It might take some tugging to "break it loose" a little. From there, you could tilt the dog house off towards the rear a/c unit. When its tilted, reach in and disconnect the monsoon cd harness and the cigarette lighter harnesses.


That really is about all to removing the dog house. Only held on by 2 screws on the sides, several screws on top, sometimes a dash pad or two (depends upon model year), and a gaggle of wires, hoses, and connectors. Marking the connectors is not critical as all of the connectors are different. If they weren't, the factory would not be able to assemble them reliably. Still, better safe than sorry.

I have had reasonable luck with pulling the cover back far enough to allow removal of the rear engine cover. Depends on what year and how much stuff is underneath.

Dave B.
BlueHummer Outfitters

You do not take off the screws from the vents, radio or AC panel or etc. These harnesses are disconnected from the rear once you move the console away from the doghouse.


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