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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Air-Conditioning in the Hummer

Here's the word on the A/C switch. Thanks for the input. I just tested it out and it works great.

Whenever you set your vents to defrost the A/C is supposed to come on to dehumidify the air. If the outside temperature is colder then about 50 the air will not come on because there is an Ambient Temperature Switch in series with the A/C clutch. When the temperature is warm the switch conducts, when cold it's open. According to the dealer, this switch was installed too keep the auxiliary heater/cooler from blowing cold air when it's cold outside, when the defroster is activated. Otherwise there is no problem with deactivating it. The sensor has a white and blue wire. You can disable it by unplugging it from the body harness by the Filter Drier and just plugging the two connectors at the drier together.

95 gas wagon

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