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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Deciphering the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):

Digit Definition Code Definition
1Manufacturing Country1United States
2Company/Make3AM General Corporation
3Vehicle Type7Commercial Vehicles
4 Engine D 5.7 Liter (L05) Gasoline-GM-8Cyl
F6.5L (395 in.3),Turbocharged Diesel, GEP, 8 cyl., 205 hp ('04 and '06)
L5.7 Liter (L05) Leaded Gasoline-GM-8Cyl
PDuramax Diesel (Alpha)
W350 Cubic In. Gas-LTI-GM-8Cyl
X6.2 Liter Diesel - GM - 8Cyl
Y6.5 Liter Diesel - GM - 8Cyl, Naturally Aspirated
Z6.5 Liter Diesel - GM - 8Cyl, Turbo-Charged
5Trans/DriveA4-Speed, Auto/LHD - GM - 4L80E
E3-Speed, Auto/LHD - GM - 3L80
HAllison Auto (Alpha)
6&7Truck Line, Series82VLC2 - Truck, 2-Door
83 HMC4 - Truck, 4-Door
84 HMCS - Truck, Station Wagon
85VLCO - Truck, Open Body
86HMCF - Truck, 2-Door Fleet/IndustriaL
87HMR2 - Truck, 2-Door Recruit
88HMRO - Truck, open Body Recruit
89XLC2 - Truck, 2-Door Cab
90HMCO - Truck, Open Body with Full Hard Doors
91HMSB - Truck, Slantback
8G.V.W.R.310,001-14,000 Pounds
9Check Digit0 through 9 or X -
10Model YearN1992
11Plant CodeEMishawaka
12-17Serial Number - -

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