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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

General/Hummer-Humvee Differences:

I'll try to list the differences that I know of. This will be based on my experience with HMMWVs that are very early versions. I'm not familiar with the latest HMMWVs.

These are military characteristics that are different:

  • Transmissions are TH400, non-electronic controls.
  • Engines have mechanical FI pumps.
  • Interior -- not much trim and leather, very crude seats, no padded dash, different steering column/wheel (tiltable, with a wrench), different instrumentation.
  • No ignition lock; typical multi-function ign./light switch.
  • Different bumpers (I think, not sure here).
  • 24 vdc. electrics, fully submersible (batteries under psgr. seat).
  • Doors -- simple fabric, light armor, or heavier armor.
  • Numerous top/cabin options.
  • Seldom uses CTIS.
  • No catalytic converter.
  • Possibly slightly different transfer case ratios.
  • Different parking brake control.
  • No "P" function in the transmission (no idea why).
  • Windshield glass lightly armored (exposed plastic surface).
  • Numerous weapon systems/options.
  • Deep (60") fording kit as option.
  • Really wimpy horn.
  • Air cond. generally not available (ambulance may be exception).

I'm sure I'm overlooking some differences. I'll post any others I think of.

LeeF. Dallas, TX

Good list, Lee, but you left out one thing:

* Paint - Civilian Hummers are not available in Military Green, Desert Tan (any more) or Camo.


Also add this to the list:

* Mechanical fuel pump; vented to the vent/deep fording system.

LeeF. Dallas, TX

HMMWV has a 24 volt electrical system and constant rate springs also. I have seen some of the later versions, one communications truck had winch on both ends, 6.5L turbo diesel, 4 speed AT, CTIS, undercarriage protection, what appeared to be 12,100 GVW, and a canvas-covered version of the anatomically correct and comfortable civilian seats. The military seems to be benefitting from the civilian upgrades.

Ross Mabey

LeeF, the Military Humvees do have A/C. The A2 models come standard with CTI ready (the past models only had it as an option) and they have nicer seats with springs and some lateral support. Do Humvees have seat belts? That may be one difference. Also the electronics are sealed, which they are not on a Civilian Hummer. Well, that is all the differences that I can think of.

Michael Brannaka

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