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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

A2 Photos:

Pictures of A2 Humvees showing specific details. Click on images to enlarge (NB. Pics from AWOLHMV and dunsbr):

A2 Trans selector and location of Transmission warning light and T/Case lock light

A2 RHS showing A2 heater diverter box

A2 Battery Box. Note Bus Bar location (under blob of white goop at front of box)and 12V centre tap(yellow wire) on +ve terminal of the lower battery.

Picture showing protective cover on rear of battery compartment on A2 vehicles. Cover protects 12V electrics (circuit breakers relays etc..) red button is reset for 12V circuit breaker.

Image showing location of Trans control module and wiring routing in an A2 with 4L80E transmission.

Picture of A2 with HD Jack Bracket installed in RHF wheel well

A2 Engine bay with 200 Amp Alternator

A2 Engine bay

A2 LHS lower showing A2 air vents

Website with 50 pics of an M1113A2 (Lots of detail on extended capacity hood etc.)

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